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Mehmet Imir was born on  February 24, 1993 in İstanbul. He met with Photoshop CS3 when he was 14. He improved himself in the field of Photography, Graphic Design, Video Editing programs over 10 years. He took his first step into the professional world by entering Turkey's largest post production company and started his career as an Assistant Editor at 1000VOLT Post Production Company. Thereafter, he worked as an Instructor at Beykent University and gave lessons regarding Photoshop, Technical Shooting, Vision Perception to the university students.  During this period he coordinated a short-term partnership with Fujifilm.  He always thinks that the visual design should not appeal only to the eye, but also to the ear when the presentation is served.  Therefore, he also focused on Logic Pro X in order to fill the gaps for the music side of design.  Meanwhile, he advanced his skills on Advertisement Musics. Nowadays, he applies different techniques by combining UI and UX design with videography, 3d World and music. He likes to enchant his clients with different visual approaches. 

He has improved himself in the field of electric vehicle during 2022 and worked as a senior UI&UX designer at Amperino Inc. Currently, he is leading and managing UI&UX Design department at Ruut Tech Co. (San Francisco-Istanbul). 

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